Starting Friday, September 1st - 100 DAYS WITH JESUS!  

The 100 DAYS WITH JESUS book is now on sale anywhere books are sold! 

Grab a journal, moleskin or notebook and study the name for yourself!   

I follow this simple pattern:

1.  Write the name for Jesus.

2 .  Write out the verse that tells His name.

3 .   Look up the name in the Merriam Webster Dictionary online  (or dig deeper into a Bible Dictionary)

4.  Complete the sentence “Jesus, You are ________________”. Write a personal prayer of response to Jesus about who He is and what it means to you and the world.

5 .  Worship Him all day for who He is! 

Join me as we go with Jesus on this 100 Day Journey!  Invite your friends to  join you and me as we study 100 names that describe Him before Christmas Day! 

My prayer is that you will worship Him as never before!  That you will gain a glimpse of His glory and His majesty!

For His glory,


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