What do you think about all day long?

My husband, Larry,  and I direct a Leadership Residency program called The Austin Stone Institute.  We recently returned from a retreat with our Residents.  While we were there, I shared a quote Larry and I heard from a speaker many years ago.  It has stuck with me and has reminded me of a significant truth.    J. Sidlow Baxter said “We gradually grow like that at which we most continually look.”  As I shared this with our Residents, I asked them a question “What is it that you look at continually?  Maybe it is not just what we see with our eyes – but what is on our heart? 

What is on your heart all day? Comparison to that other person?  Fears about your children?  Worrying about what comes next? 

What is on your mind all day?  What are you thinking about?  Is it your finances?  Approval from someone? Or just anxiousness about the future?   

I had never noticed this before – but J. Sidlow Baxter used the word “gradually”.   “We GRADUALLY become like that at which we most continually look.”  It doesn’t happen overnight.  It is not instant.  Sometimes we don’t even notice that we have changed.  If you are like me, you don’t even realize that you have been thinking all day about everything EXCEPT Jesus.  

The next sentence in his quote says “Therefore, live looking at JESUS!”  When I started studying the names of Jesus, I was just going through the motions of studying.  But as each day passed, I GRADUALLY began to see Him in a different way.  I GRADUALLY began to worship Him more and more.  If you just started studying the 100 DAYS WITH JESUS – stay consistent!  Don’t give up – your life will GRADUALLY change as you LIVE LOOKING AT JESUS!  On Day 73 as I was studying RANSOM – my heart was pierced with the truth that He “freed me from captivity or punishment” by paying the price for me!  He RANSOMED me!  My life was changed through this study and I will never be the same!

Study the names that describe Jesus with me!  As you think about Him and meditate on who He is – you will be continually LOOKING AT JESUS!  100dayswithjesusbook.com