There are many methods to study God's Word!  I have tried many different ways, but I want to share the one I have been using for the last several years.  I love this method because it focuses me on Jesus - and what He has done to rescue and redeem me!  I always come away from my time with Him by focusing on Jesus and what He has done.  This is how I do it.

I usually choose a complete book to study.   I just began studying the book of John.   I am not in any rush to get through it - I usually study 3 to 4 verses a day.  I open up my journal and on the left side of the page - I write out the verses completely.  Just 3 or 4 verses at a time.   On the opposite page - I put a line down about 3/4 of the middle of the page (see image below) and write BROKEN over the column on the left, and FIX over the column on the right.  I take each verse and see what is BROKEN in our world.  It could be unbelief, disease, hatred, selfishness, lying.  The sin that lies beneath the story.  I write those out for each verse in the BROKEN column.  Then I go across to the FIX column.  How has Jesus FIXED this brokenness?  Jesus came to live in our world to FIX the BROKENNESS!!  He may have done it by healing someone immediately, forgiving their sin, calming the storm or providing wine when it runs out at a wedding!  Or He may have ultimately fixed it when He died on the cross by providing eternal life for us!  Whatever He has done to FIX the brokenness, goes in that column.  

Then I come down about 3/4  on the page and write:


I write... healed, forgave, taught, understood, performed a miracle, died for my sin...whatever it is that Jesus did .....

Then underneath this, I write:


 I write out what it means to my life that Jesus FIXED this BROKENNESS.  Maybe I can trust Him, believe in Him, count on Him, depend on Him, pray to Him because of what He has done!  It is not about ME - IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS AND WHAT HE HAS DONE!  I worship and thank Him for what He has done and is doing in our world!

I come away from my time with Jesus, in awe of Him!   It is not about me and what I need to DO - it is all about Jesus and what He has already DONE and is DOING in our broken world!  The focus is not on me - it is on HIM!  

There are many different methods of Bible Study - but this one has been especially helpful in focusing my attention on Jesus and what He has done to rescue and redeem a broken world!  And a broken me!

Try it - and see that  IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS!

After Bible Study - I begin....