I love a good coffee shop.  One that has just the right environment.  That has a place for me when I walk in.  A great cup of coffee.  I feel like it was PREPARED just for me.  

Do you have a place PREPARED for Jesus in your home?  If you are meeting wth Jesus - the One who loves you and knows you better than anyone else - where do you want to meet with Him?  Just like setting up a time to meet with a friend - after you ASK, you decide WHERE.  Where do you want to meet together?

PREPARE a place.  A chair in your room or a sofa that is in a private place.  A closet or back porch.  Have a basket or table close by with your Bible, journal, pen and a note pad.  If you love coffee in the morning, PREPARE it the night before - and put it on a timer to start 10 minutes before you get up.  Don't get distracted by the coffee and to-do's.  Get up, get your coffee, or tea (or nothing if you prefer) and  go to your appointment with Jesus.  I try not to look at my Instagram, emails, twitter or anything that would DISTRACT me from Jesus.  I want to meet with Him FIRST!  

Make sure you have your Bible, Journal and pen available.  You can use a moleskine, notebook or journal to write in.   (The note pad is there in case you are DISTRACTED by some to-do.  Just write it down and keep your focus on Jesus!)

Your time with Jesus is all about your relationship with Him.  This is a relationship that will last for eternity.  This is not a duty or a to-do.  This is the most important meeting of your day - the one that He says is the ONE most important thing you can do today!  

Got your coffee, your Bible, journal and pen - and a special place to meet with Him?  Now what?