If I could tell you ONE thing you could do that would help you sit at Jesus' feet ...would you do it?  

It is very simple.  ASK.

ASK Him to wake you up in order to make Him FIRST in your day. 

For me, if Jesus says spending time at His feet is the ONE most necessary thing in life - then it makes sense that it should come FIRST in my day.  

But how?

I am not a morning person.  I hate the alarm clock.  My kids are always amazed - but I have never once hit the "snooze" button.  It is not because I am disciplined - it is because I hate the alarm clock!  I would never want to hit the button and hear it go off again!  But, I have found the secret to getting up early to spend time with Jesus.  It is this:  ASK.  I ASK Him to wake me up in the morning.  When I was writing 100 DAYS WITH JESUS, I knew that He wanted me to get up earlier than usual to spend time hearing from Him and writing.  I would set my alarm clock the night before, and then ASK Him to wake me up BEFORE it went off.   The first day, He woke me up 5 minutes before the alarm clock.  When you look at your clock and it says _:55 - you KNOW that the God of the Universe just woke you up - and it is hard to go back to sleep!   Jesus said sitting at His feet is  the ONE most important thing - so He must want me to do it!  

I think that when I ASK, it shows that I am OPEN and WILLING to do what He wants me to do.  If I am not open and willing - I definitely won't ASK Him.  I will just avoid the issue and pretend He doesn't know about it.  But when I ASK, I am allowing Him into this area of my life.  I am giving Him permission to guide me - and not shutting Him out.  

ASK Him to wake you up.  Try it.  Before you go to sleep tonight, ASK Him to wake you up to spend time with Him early in the morning.  When He does - get up!  The God of the Universe wants to meet with you - and He has something to say to you!!

Try it and see what He will do!

*(If you have a newborn baby, work nights, or are taking care of a sick child, etc., you may not be able to do this FIRST thing in the morning.  But make it the FIRST thing you do when they are taking a nap, or when you get a break.  ASK Jesus to provide a time for you - and then keep Him as the top priority during that time, before you are distracted by other things!)

Ok - I am up, now what do I do?