Just like you, I long to live my life well!  To INVEST it wisely.  

Whether I realize it or not, I am investing my life in something.  It could be my family, my work, my dreams, money, comfort.  At the end of my life, what I have invested in will become evident.  Just like the statement on a bank account, my life will reveal what I have invested it in.  

Will I have invested it in something worthy?  or in temporary gain?  Time will tell.  I already wish I had done MORE - I have spent too much time on temporary things.  I have allowed too many fears to hold me back.  

But it is never too late!  I know that there are two things from this earth that are eternal. That last forever.   The Word of God - and people.  

Will I invest 2017 in the Word of God and people?  If I do, those investments will last into eternity.  

I want to spend a few weeks with you exploring HOW we can invest time in the two things that will last into eternity. 

1.  How do I invest time in His word? 

2.  How do I invest in people?  

Jesus said in John 17:4, "I glorified You on earth, having accomplished the work that You gave Me to do."   How I long to be able to say those words at the end of my life!  I have spent most of my adult life trying to figure out what He wants to accomplish through me.     

I want to share how I study God's word - and how He has been working in my life to show me the work He wants me to accomplish.  Join me for the next few weeks - and ask God to allow you to INVEST this year, 2017, in the work that He has for you!

What is holding you back?