About Me

I love being a wife and best friend to my husband, Larry - and a Mom to my adult children!  My twin sons, Coby and Cory, and his beautiful wife Amy, are part of Dude Perfect http://www.dudeperfect.com – a trick shot basketball team on YouTube.  My daughter, Catherine, is an illustrator through her business Marry Me in Spring http://www.marrymeinspring.com.

Larry and I have the joy of directing The Austin Stone Institute through The Austin Stone Community Church.    Our passion is to lead the next generation to know and love Jesus with all their hearts, to love His Gospel and to live on mission.  We do this through a Residency program with The Austin Stone Institute (www.austinstoneinstitute.org) which trains young men and women to be leaders in this generation. 

I am learning more and more that it is all about Jesus.   He is the answer to every question, He is the solution to every problem, He is the hope for every hopeless situation.  If there is a need – He will meet it.  If there is sickness – He will eventually heal it.  If there is death – we will live with Him in eternity forever.  I am learning that all of life is answered in the person of Jesus.  He is the only reason to live – and He is our hope in death.  It is all about Jesus!


At this season of my life, I believe God wants me to pour out what He has shown me.  I want to encourage other women to trust Him with their lives and their marriages, their families and their ministries.   I pray that something I share in The Cotton House will point other women to Him – to the truth of His Gospel and what He did through His Son, Jesus Christ.

I have been a busy mom at home with 3 small children, I have walked through the school years and have now sent them off into the world!  I understand what it's like to be a wife and a mom!!  I understand the challenges you face and the things you are trusting God with.  

Life on Mission

Whatever your role is in life, you are called to live on Mission.  My role includes being married to a man in ministry.  I will be sharing what that looks like at home, work and in life!

Our calling is unique – and precious.  I believe it is a high calling.  It is not without struggles and trials – but it is worth it!  Our passion is to raise up young leaders who love Jesus with all their heart and want to bring glory to Him with their lives.  

I pray what I write will encourage you to persevere and to live out the calling God has on your life.


I believe God created each of us to be unique, fascinating, complex individuals with passions, dreams and desires to do something specific in this world to glorify Him.  As we walk in this calling – we will live purposeful, fulfilled, gratifying, meaningful lives.     Ephesians 2:10 says “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  

100 Days with Jesus

There are hundreds of names that describe who Jesus is in the Bible!  I found these names in the concordance of my Bible years ago and was in awe of the vastness of who He is.  I have always wanted to create ornaments with the names of Jesus for Christmas.  Recently my daughter found unique bells from India that we could use.  I painted the names of Jesus on them for Christmas 2014.  But as I was putting them away, I realized that I didn’t know what each name meant, so I began choosing a few names each week to study.  I had no idea that it would literally change my life.

As I studied name after name, I realized that each one pointed to the Gospel.  The reason He came and His purpose on earth.  Dying for my sin was not just one of the things He did - it was the ONE THING He came for.  

 I can honestly say that my affection for Jesus has grown more through the study of His names than through anything I have ever done.    My favorite is "Indescribable Gift" – because He is so much MORE than we can ever describe!!!  Every name points to the Gospel and why He came to earth!

100 Days with Jesus is now in book form!  You can find one anywhere books are sold!  Check out ABOUT THE BOOK on this site to find out more information!  

Life at Home

Our home is an extension of our ministry – and I pray that anyone who enters will experience the peace and presence of Jesus in our home.   I love white and I think it brings peace and calmness into a hectic and busy lifestyle.  I love to create and I love family!  I will be sharing what we are doing at home and what God is teaching us there.