"For He will deliver the needy when he cries for help, the afflicted also, and him who has no helper.  He will have COMPASSION on the poor and needy, and the lives of the needy He will save." Psalm 72:12-13

"And his disciples came and took away the body and buried it; and they went and reported to Jesus. Now when Jesus heard it, He withdrew from there in a boat, to a lonely place by Himself; and when the multitudes heard of this, they followed Him on foot from the cities.  And when He went ashore, He saw a great multitude, and felt COMPASSION for them, and healed their sick."  Matthew 14:12-14; Mark 6:29-34


: feeling or showing concern for someone who is sick, hurt, poor, etc. : having or showing compassion

Jesus, You are COMPASSIONATE!  When You heard of the death of John the Baptist, You withdrew to a place by Yourself - but the people continued to follow You.  They had needs and were constantly crowding around You to heal them.  Instead of ignoring them - You had COMPASSION on them.  Jesus, You felt grief and sorrow just like we do.  You mourned the loss of someone You loved.  But when You saw the people who had followed You - You felt COMPASSION for them and healed their sick.   Psalm 72 points to the Savior who will deliver the needy as You did.  You are worthy of our worship!!  Jesus, You are COMPASSIONATE!!

(Have You experienced the COMPASSION of Jesus?  Worship Jesus, the One who is COMPASSIONATE!)#100dayswithjesus