"The kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and against His ANOINTED," Psalms 2:2

Definition of ANOINT

  • : to put oil on (someone) as part of a religious ceremony

  • : to officially or formally choose (someone) to do or to be something

Jesus, You are the ANOINTED!  You were chosen to be the Messiah (Hebrew word for ANOINTED) and the Christ (Greek word for ANOINTED)!!   Jesus, when You walked on earth, the kings of the earth and rulers were against You.  But You had been chosen for a purpose!  You were given as our hope - the One to restore our relationship with God.   You were the One who would save us - and rescue us, and yet we "set ourselves against you" and did not receive You. (John 1:11)  Thank You Jesus for being born on this earth - for giving Your life even though man would be against You!  Thank You Jesus for being the One we were looking for!!  

Have you accepted Jesus as the ANOINTED?  Worship and Praise Him today!!#100dayswithJesus