The Prophet, Isaiah, comforted his people with the news about the One who would come one day to be the Savior of the World!  Can you imagine what it was like to only hope for Jesus?  To hear about Him but not actually know Him?  To live in a world that only looked forward to the birth of Jesus?   Join me as we look at the names that point to Jesus before His earthly birth -  for 100 days before His birthday!!

Grab a journal, moleskin or notebook and study along with me!  I follow this simple pattern:

1.  Write the name for Jesus.

2.  Write out the verse that tells His name.

3.  Look up the name in the Merriam Webster Dictionary online.

4. Complete the sentence "Jesus, You are _______________."  Write a personal prayer of response to Jesus about who He is and what it means to you and the world.

5.  Worship Him all day for who He is!!

My prayer is that you will worship Him as never before!  That you will gain a glimpse of His glory and His majesty for 100 days before His birthday! #100dayswithjesus